About Us

What You Need to Know About Medeco Global

Medeco Global is a fast-growing company that has developed high-level networks and solid expertise in sourcing and trading an extensive range of products for the private and public sector, across a wide range of vertical markets.

Our strong experience, together with the resources of a fast-growing population base, has enabled us to focus on delivering benefits by connecting low-cost, high quality manufacturing economies with high-demand markets worldwide.

Medeco Global is dedicated to creating a reliable and cost-effective supply chain for the trading of medical supplies.

Managing Director

Stéphane Mazain has been actively involved in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 25 years, holding strategic positions with a range of businesses.

He started his career at IBM head office in Armonk (USA), after graduating from a top French Engineering school.

Two years later, Stephane joined the international French-owned shipping company, CMA CGM, where he made a major contribution to its overall success. He played a central role in growing turnover from $200M in 1994 to $15B in 2012, making CMA CGM the world’s third largest shipping company.

In May 1997, he established CMA CGM’s first in-house Asian agency in Indonesia. Despite the Asian Financial crisis, Stephane managed to grow the annual turnover of this local market from $1M to $100M in 2001.

Following on from this achievement, Stephane took over the company’s Regional Office in Hong Kong as Asian Commercial Director, and was quickly promoted to Head of Asia and Group Vice President in 2006.

As well as managing 7,000 staff in an organisation with a turnover of $7B, Stephane was in charge of creating large-scale infrastructures, overseeing major investment projects and developing overall company strategy in Asia, working closely with investment and hedge funds.

In 2012, Stephane decided to leave the corporate world and create his own group of companies. Today, his business interests span a broad range of activities, including energy, shipping and real estate, among others.

Most recently, he joined forces with several key strategic partners to establish Medeco Global Limited in 2020, to help address the global challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a faster, safer response to the increased demand for medical supplies.